How To Buy Vintage Engagement Rings

vintage engagement ring

Getting engaged is great. You have all the joy and romance of giving or receiving beautiful vintage engagement rings without the pressure of the actual wedding. You can get engaged whenever you want – planned or spontaneously and as a surprise or a long-anticipated event. Plus you can still have a big party without having … Read more

Your Guide to 1950s Men’s Fashion

1950s mens fashion

The post-war decade that is the 1950s is often heralded by some as a kind of heyday for all things traditional and conservative. This often applies to everything, including fashion, and, to a large extent, that is true. Why, you might ask? It is primarily because what we consider preppy or trad styles for men … Read more

Vintage Lingerie Guide: 1950s Underwear

1950s vintage lingerie

So, you want to look as authentically 1950s as possible? Well, to achieve the perfect ’50s look, you have to start with what’s happening underneath that sheath dress or full-circle skirt and tight sweater… some amazing vintage lingerie! Don’t forget to check out our favourite vintage lingerie brands: What Katie Did Bettie Page Unique Vintage … Read more

1950s Fashion For Women

Women’s 1950s fashion is a popular retro style and yet can be interpreted in many different ways. To some 1950s fashion represents improving economic conditions after the war as well as the advent of new media and culture. On the other hand, many see 1950s fashion as encapsulating many social issues that continue to this … Read more

The Essentials of 1980s Men’s Fashion

Depending on who you ask, it was either the best of times or the worst of times when it comes to 1980s fashion trends and their overall impact on the industry.  Let’s face it: 1980s fashion is a take-it-or-leave-it proposition and most of us have left it behind but, for a certain select number of … Read more

What is Goodyear Welt And Why You Need It

Church's Goodyear Welt

The Goodyear welt is a patented method of making good quality shoes. Goodyear welted shoes are made in such a way that the soles are very durable and waterproof as well as replaceable. Some of the best men’s shoe brands today still use this 1869 method that hasn’t been surpassed by more modern construction methods. … Read more

Top Collarless Shirts in 2022

Grandad collar shirts or band collar shirts – whatever you want to call them, the collarless dress shirt is a great style choice that is enjoying a strong revival. Recommended collarless shirts: Goodthreads – 100% cotton Isle Bay Linens – 100% linen Asos – great variety, quality and price. (header image) Uniqlo – extra fine … Read more