How to Buy Top Biker Rings And Gothic Jewelry for Less in 2022

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Do you love the look of rockstars like Ozzy and Lemmy whose heavy metal was accompanied by a fistfull of…  heavy metal gothic jewelry?

Or the more minimal but iconic biker ring – Keith Richards’ skull ring?

Gothic jewelry – especially biker rings – look great wherever you are and whatever you’re wearing. The Great Frog is perhaps the biggest name that comes to mind when you think of skull rings cast in high quality sterling silver.

Unfortunately with average prices pushing $150+ these incredible pieces are prohibitively expensive – especially when you want to fill a fist like a real biker.

Then there’s the next most recognised brand Crazy Pig of Covent Garden in London that sells absolutely breathtaking designs but for an even steeper premium.

Our Top Biker Rings:

Cheap Gothic Jewelry

Jewellery is a luxury that can be hard to justify. Some of these huge skull rings and pendants can be a bit much for everyday wear and so as beautiful as they are they may not represent a good investment even if you do save up to treat yourself. But those gleaming cabinets can be more accessible than you think with the right method.

It’s also important to remember that jewellery keeps a high capital value that can be liquidated if you regret your purchase or simply want to move on and raise some cash years down the line.

The problem is the initial retail markups can be huge so the moment you make a purchase – unless its a rare collaboration – you are very unlikely to make back anything close to what you paid.

Overall bringing down the bottom line is key – and we don’t mean haggling. For a start, try looking into other brands.

Unbranded Silver Biker Rings

Obviously you can try finding non-branded imported gothic jewelry.

The key here is to search “925” which is the code for sterling silver gothic jewelry. While stainless steel biker rings are cheap and durable, they feel very lightweight and just don’t resemble the real thing.

On the other hand, it is perfectly possible to find sterling silver biker rings of a good quality without breaking the bank.

Handmade Gothic Jewelry

Etsy has some great small-scale makers who can be a lot cheaper without the premium branding, plus you know your money is supporting one artisan who probably isn’t backed by celebrity clientele.

Etsy also holds a few hauntingly good biker ring makers like Book of Alchemy and BroncoManor that are both costly but offer incredible anatomical pieces.

great frog biker ring gothic jewelry

Buying Gothic Jewelry Secondhand

But if you still want the original and the best then there’s good news for you. Plenty of past buyers want to move on from their rock’n roll jewellery and so you can snap up some real bargains on Ebay if you know how.

Have a look at some of the amazing designs from The Great Frog and Crazy Pig on sale now.

How to Find Your Biker Ring Size

Next, get yourself a ring sizer. These can be found very cheaply and while investing in both a ring-sizer mandril and ring-sizer keys for your first purchase may seem excessive it can save you a whole lot of trouble in the long run.

UK Ring Sizer Mandrel Finger Gauge Jewellery Kit Tool Engagement TRIXES

Ring sizers make it easy to find out what secondhand gothic jewelry will fit you when you don’t have the luxury of buying your size upfront in a shop.

If you already have a ring that fits you and you want to buy another the same size then slide it onto the mandrill and it will tell you your size.

Most designs like this one show the size in various international formats which can be a great help.

If you don’t have a ring or want a ring for a different finger then you need a set of ring-sizer keys. These loops slide onto your finger so you can find which one fits right and read what size it is.

Make sure you can comfortably get the ring-size on and off so you don’t risk cutting off your circulation when the ring you order to that size arrives.

Also remember that biker rings tend to be big and heavy and so while you don’t want a ring that’s too tight you still need a good fit.

Now have a look at these secondhand offerings and see what could fit you already. This is an easy way to grab bargain jewellery since most people don’t know their ring size and have to factor in an additional cost of resizing.

If a design you really like isn’t in your size then you can normally have it resized by a good jeweller for around £10-£20 while Crazy Pig or The Great Frog will also resize for you providing that your design was made by them.

Expand and Improve Your Biker Rings Collection

broncomanor biker ring
The incredible Hell’s Guard bracelet by BroncoManor

Collecting jewellery like this is addictive and sooner or later it’s very likely you will grow quite a collection – often with some fingers ringless and others with a choice of several rings made to their size.

As with any collection you can choose to downsize and then upgrade by selling a few pieces and buying one extra special object with the proceeds.

Look at the extreme high-end of rock n roll jewellery that pushes the boundary of taste with brands like Chrome Hearts and King Baby.