Five Reasons Costume is a Curse

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Don’t you ever wish, just sometimes, that you did not have such an intensive, wonderful and expensive hobby? After a long day or a sleepless night, don’t you just detest the piles of fabric you have to clear before bingeing on your favourite box set and filling your head with fantasy? Normal people, you have probably thought to yourself, have it oh so easy.

You have no space

You are a clothing addict. Most people return from work to an empty flat with clean lines and their money invested wisely in a big TV, fancy speakers and a Macbook smartly arranged on the table. Instead, you are broke and have a wardrobe crammed with clothes you only wear for a few events each year.

You are broke

Those Ebay bargains add up. Not to mention your handmade clothes or the fabric you bought to make your own. Curse this expensive hobby! Why can’t you be satisfied with a few pints of lager and a PS4 to fill your downtime? While pitching in a field can be a low-cost getaway for many reenactors, plenty of costumed events require travel and accomodation on the side. Balling like an 18th Century aristocrat is great but the silk and wine takes its toll in the real world.

Normal people find normal friends… easily.

Your friends are the best. You met them either at events or online through your shared interests and so you have a lot more in common  whenever you meet. Nevertheless while the group at the table opposite in the bar may seem boring and slightly tedious in their conversation, you can’t help but imagine what it must be like to be normal – to just pick up mates from your daily life and work with whom you talk about daily life and work. They don’t know they’re boring and so, at an existential level, have a level of happiness you can’t help but envy.

This goes for romance as well. How do normal people get on without sharing one intense interest? You probably searched high and low for a partner you could relate to, but once you found them you were hooked. That means some of your problems doubled – more interests and more collections crowding your life with wonderful shiny things.

Your weekends are full

It’s great having a full schedule, especially when you can confuse your coworkers on Monday morning with what you got up to (that works for a couple of months before the novelty wears off…) But wouldn’t you just like a few more regular weekends of doing naff all? Wouldn’t it be great to go out for brunch and go shopping rather than travelling to events all the time and dining at the service station? You’re probably got bookings for next year already underway as you decide which clashing event to prioritise!

You have a weekly splurge on Ebay after performing a specified search daily.

It’s one of those reflex actions on your phone like checking Facebook. You open up Ebay and hunt, thirsty for pre-1890s clothing, then modern-made period costume and haberdashery. There’s a full circle of searching, curating a watchlist and the disappointment of forgetting about it when it matters or remembering and ‘accidentally’ winning that auction. Again.

But having said all this, you love this unique little world you have crafted for yourself, the friends you have made and the treasures you have collected, and you wouldn’t change any of these for the world.


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