Fortnite Cosplay Costumes Just Weeks Away

The developers of gaming sensation Fortnite have signed a deal with costume makers Spirit Halloween and Spencer’s that will provide a line of costumes and cosplay accessories from the game this Autumn.

Fortnite by Epic Games is avilable for free on multiple platforms and lets players join battles of up to 100 participants competing to be the last standing. Friends can team up in “Save The World” campaigns against a horde of monsters.

Free Expression

“Fortnite fans will be able to don their favorite costume skins preparing for epic battles in official gear and accessories,” said Kym Sarkos, Executive Vice President of Spirit Halloween and Spencer’s. “Dance battles, gaming with friends and cosplaying are only the beginning. We will continue to add detailed replica products for Fortnite fanatics, so be sure to keep an eye out for additional supply drops.”

Mark Rein, Co-Founder of Epic Games commented: “A big part of Fortnite is letting players come together and express themselves in the game. Partnering with Spirit Halloween and Spencer’s means they can take that to the next level, and we couldn’t be more excited.”

Spirit Halloween is North America’s largest Halloween retailer with 1,325 locations while Spencer’s sells T-shirts, accessories, jewelry, drinkware and other lifestyle accessories.

Image result for fortnite skull trooper

Spirit Halloween’s website already offers a glimpse into what will be on sale including a light-up, music-playing “Boogie Bomb”, pickaxe, backpacks and some complete costumes like the skull trooper.  Prices for products already advertised range from $15 for small props while adult costumes cost $60. In the game, players can pay as much as $20 for digital versions of those costumes.

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