Our Top Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes

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Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes are great for Christmas parties when you don’t want to leave Halloween behind.

Tim Burton has left his personal stamp on Halloween in a way most directors could only dream of. His macabre nightmares first crashed into the mainstream with 1988’s Beetlejuice and he has enjoyed gargantuin success ever since. No film in his backcatalogue, however, stands out like Nightmare Before Christmas which was marked for greatness as soon as it hit movie theatres in 1993.

Stop-motion animation requires painstaiking levels of perseverance and patience and Nightmare Before Christmas did all of this while combining the medium with kid-friendly horror and the musical format. Longtime collaborator Danny Elfman scored this film with Henry Selick in the director’s seat.

Christmas is fast approaching but you may well be feeling weary as you see every shop front in town pushing the same displays and narratives so why not be different this Christmas and don a darker festive look at all the annual parties. A Nightmare Before Christmas costume is an iconic look that is instantly recognizable from this cinematic classic. Festive fun doesn’t always have to look cliched or sickly sweet!

1. Jack Skellington Costume

Make your Halloween outfit the look you’ve always dreamed of this year with the Jack Skellington costume suit that trumps all the others. Burton’s protagonist is the king of Halloween town and, needless to say, his fashion-sense is fit for a King. Although primarily aimed at guys, this Jack Skellington costume can be rocked by any gender providing you’re brave enough.

The pin-stripes of the Jack Skellington suit hark back to the 1920s crime underworld but in this case, they are crookedly lined for that otherwordly effect. The tailoring of the jacket creates a bulging look as if the wearer is always ready to jump out and spook you and the collar design exentuates the shoulders, making you appear disprortioned like a sketch from Mr Burton’s early cartoonist work.


  • Be the King of Halloween this year
  • Reuse it for prom night to really make a scene!

2. Mayor Hat and Ribbon

Ever wanted to be the mayor of Halloween Town? Well, now you can! This ridiculously brilliant prop manages to even one-up the Cat in the Hat who had the previous record for maddest top hat.

The major’s triangular form is topped off with this marvellous hat and ribbon making him cast a portly silhouette like no other character.

Why not treat yourself to a suit and a prop megaphone to complete the mayor’s bizarre look. This outfit is only for the most dedicated Nightmare Before Christmas costume fans – the people who live and breathe everything about Burton’s bizarre gothic universe.


  • A Nightmare Before Christmas costume that unique and unlikely to clash with anyone else at the party
  • Reach new heights that the Mad Hatter could only dream of
  • The perfect choice for the comedian of your squad

3. Official Sally Nightmare Before Christmas Costume

Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes sally

Sally is far more than just the love interest of the film. She contributes some of the best musical moments in the 1993 classic. Created by Dr Finklestein, she is a reanimated real-life rag doll who is made up of stitched together pieces of fabric. Try this Sally Nightmare Before Christmas costume today!

  • Officially licensed by Disney
  • 100% Polyester
  • Washable by hand
  • Fun for all ages

4. Jack Skellington Mask by Disguise

jack skellington costume mask

For some, makeup and faceprint just aren’t enough and only a mask will suffice in the quest to be the most authentic Jack in town. This latex mask is officially licensed by Disney and is a must-have to complete a Jack Skellington costume. Its wide and deathly smile has been perfected with rubber teeth which lend so much definition to the face.

This mask is the face of the franchise and almost as iconic as the Micky Mouse logo. Carefully positioned holes around the mouth make the mask spooky but breathable and safe.


  • 100% Vinyl
  • A Jack Skellington costume is perfect for Halloween AND Christmas!
  • Breathable areas around the mouth

5. Oogie Boogie Hat

Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes oogie boogie hat

Available on Amazon through Elope comes your next Halloween look – the most wicked being in Halloween Town. The film’s antagonist is a spooky sack-man with a gambling problem who holds Santa prisoner. What lurks within this character’s costume is revealed at the end of the film.


  • Extremely authentic design
  • An Essential addition for those who want to collect every main character’s look
  • Visible dark meshed eye material

Start Your Nightmare Now!

The premise of this instant classic is a simple storyline that we see throughout history. A highborn protagonist stumbles into a world that has previously been hidden to them and then returns from this other world with new wisdom. Sound familiar? It is also the story of Buddha, Gilgamesh and Alice in Wonderland to name but a few examples. Nightmare Before Christmas, however, was like no other film that came before it despite Burton building on the twisted worlds of his previous films which, at that time, includes the most stylised retelling of the Batman saga and Beetlejuice.

Few filmmakers hit upon their brand as quickly and clearly as Burton did. Jack Skellington himself is now a beacon of alternative gothic culture across the globe and his universe is the giant shoulder that Corpse Bride (2005) and Frankenweenie (2013) stand upon.

Trends come and go but Tim Burton’s Festive triumph isn’t go anywhere anytime too soon. These costumes are perfect for the adults who grew up with this cult hit and cherished it but also for the curious newcomers who are not seeing anything too similar on their current cinema screens. It is a film about escape and open mindedness to new worlds and futures so go get your masks, hats, pinstripes and sacks and embrace the office party with something a little bit different for the end of the decade.