Sustainable Fashion: Moss Bros Releases Eco Suit

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Moss Bros have released a range of sustainable suits- the eco suits, which is a piece of excellent news for the fashion world and our planet. There is a climate crisis, and sustainability is urgent in this world. It’s no argument that there are more and more people becoming aware of having to have ecological clothing choices. However, it’s not easy to have an ethical wardrobe when there isn’t a lot of options available. Fast fashion, instagram culture, and the idea you can’t rewear clothes have definitely had a big part to blame for the pollution our clothes are causing. However, Moss Bros is not one of them, with their amazing view on the future of fashion and their new range of eco suits, making such a highlight and change to this industry that many should follow.

Why is sustainable fashion so important?

It’s pretty simple, our planet is dying, and we aren’t helping by the clothes we put on our back, and a lot of people aren’t aware of it either. It’s only just being conversed about, and still not enough, so with brands like Moss Bros’ coming out with eco options, and educating us about the crisis, is the way it needs to be done. Did you know that fashion is the second most pollutant industry in the world behind the oil industry? It’s crazy. Or what about the fact that plastic pollution is currently one of our greatest threats, every second, a double-decker busload of plastic waste is dumped in developing countries. Then it takes absolute decades, possibly even centuries to break down, releasing harmful chemicals as it does. It’s not good. So Moss Bros’ solution is to find plastic alternative and recycle what is already in circulation. And they are succeeding brilliantly.

So how are the eco suits sustainable?

From the lining to buttons and packaging they have selected every single element because it’s recycled or made sustainability- also sometimes it’s both, which is a big win. But they promise that sustainability doesn’t compromise on quality, you will still get the same high-quality Moss Bros suit, but with less waste going in the sea, meaning a happy planet, and happy animals, and happy consumers.

Some facts about the suit are-

  • A single eco suit reuses up to 45 plastic bottles.
  • Its fibres will not emit harmful chemicals.
  • They have selected suppliers known for sustainable manufacturing.
  • It has recycled polyester shoulder pads, sleeve head roll and chest foam that are REACH-compliant
  • The thread has been made from 100% recycled polyester yarns.
  • Corozo nut buttons are 100% natural material.

And that’s only a few of the facts out of many, and you can find out all the details on the Moss Bros website.

So let’s hear about the suits.

Moss London Slim Fit eco Blue Check Suit

With straight pockets, four-button cuff, and single back vent, this blue suit is perfect to wear to a formal occasion while keeping the planet happy, it goes perfectly with a crisp white or pink shirt and patterned silk tie.

Moss London Slim Fit eco Grey Check Suit

The grey version of the suit, perfect if blue is not for you. The inner lining has turtles print, to remind you that you are keeping them happy. Perfect with a sky hued shirt, navy knit, or blue pocket square.

Moss 1851 Tailored Fit eco Blue Check Suit

This is a well-balanced suit, ideal for those who don’t like a slim fit, it’s beautifully matched with a white shit and patterned time for a timeless look while saving 45 bottles going into our oceans.

Moss 1851 Tailored Fit eco Grey Check Suit

This suit saves 30 bottles from our beautiful oceans, it has straight pockets, a double back vent, and a two-button fastening. It screams sophistication and planet loving with a blue hue tie, or knit.

And Moss Bros aren’t stopping there; they are aware that the fashion industry is one of the highest offenders for the environment. So they have goals to reduce their impact and to close the loop while moving towards a more sustainable manufacturing process, this is the way forward.

Moss Bros says it perfectly- What makes a great suit feel even better? One that helps you do your bit for the environment.