Cosplayer Creates Horrifyingly Good Nigel Thornberry Sailor Moon Cosplay Mask

Making terror look this good is an art. Cosplayer Julianna Maznevski used her incredible prosthetics skills to combine beloved children’s animated character Nigel Thornberry with the popular cosplay choice of the anime Sailor Moon in an alarming silicone mask. “This sculpture I’ve been working on slowly for a while because it just became the project I … Read more

You Should Start a New Craft – Here’s Why

woodwork craft

“I don’t want to die without any scars,” said the narrator in Fight Club, and the majority of this website’s highly creative readers probably agree. Most of us spend the majority of our time looking at our screens and my past roles as a student, journalist and now writing for the Costume Rag are no different. In … Read more

Five Reasons It’s Not OK To Ask For Free Sewing (And Why You Shouldn’t Give it)

Why it's not ok to ask for free sewing

“Oh, you sew? That’s great. Can you hem my trousers? Fix my curtains? Make me one of those?” Anyone who can sew knows these questions all too well but often the answer isn’t so clear. Time and again they get lured in with a smile and the opportunity for a good deed only to be … Read more

How Is Silk Made?

Silk is among the most wanted and popular natural fibers with an abundant history. Pliny, the Roman historian, estimated in his Natural History in 70 BC that “Silk was acquired by getting rid of the below the leaves with the aid of water …”. It is fascinating to keep in mind that for more than … Read more