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Should “Fashion History” Include Video Game Costumes?

In the last two decades we have witnessed a huge rise in videogames as a visual medium and, like so many other visual mediums, this has had a big impact on fashion. Just look at sex symbols like Lara Croft. At the time of writing, the computer ...

Top Trending Cosplay Costumes 2018

From Rick and Morty to Fortnite and Black Panther, there are some diverse cosplay ideas coming up ahead of Halloween costume season. Don't forget to vote for your favourite cosplay products!

21 Epic Fortnite Cosplay Costume Ideas

Fortnite has taken 2018 by storm. The game allows players to drop into huge combat player-versus-player melees with a range of character costume "skins" available to buy in the game. Naturally this has caused a sensation in real-world cosplay ...

Fortnite Cosplay Costumes Just Weeks Away

The developers of gaming sensation Fortnite have signed a deal with costume makers Spirit Halloween and Spencer's that will provide a line of costumes and cosplay accessories from the game this Autumn. Fortnite by Epic Games is avilable for free ...

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