The Joy of the Bob Ross Costume

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Everyone loves a Bob Ross costume, inspired by the afro-sporting American landscape painter and host of The Joy of Painting. A Bob Ross costume will never go unrecognised as this loveable cult figure.

He passed away in 1995 but his influence remains strong in the art world, the internet meme world and now even the costume world. His mellow manner and his calming artistic instructions make him an odd choice for a Bob Ross Halloween costume but for many, comically paying tribute to the man is an all year round event.

1. Adult Bob Ross Costume Kit by Morris Costumes

Bob ross costume

This complete Bob Ross outfit includes a permed afro-style Bob Ross wig, pallet and paint brush. Add jeans, shirt and beard and you’re ready to go!

Now all you need is cheer and to practice some of Bob’s iconic lines in his trademark voice like: “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents” and “there’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.” This costume gives you everything you need to spread the wonder of Bob.

For a great Bob Ross Halloween costume just splash on some fake blood for a zombie Bob Ross outfit – see below!


  • Be the artistic centre of attention at any party
  • Break the mould and have a Halloween costume that is loveably un-scary!
  • Usable paintbrush and pallet when the party is over

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2. Bob Ross Painting Costume by Spirit Halloween/Firefly

Bob ross costume

For some, taking on the form of Bob is simply not enough and instead, being the art itself is all that will suffice. This excellent landscape costume is for the truly left-field dresser-upper who thinks outside of the box but stays inside the canvas! If possessing inanimate objects like a conduit sounds like your ideal look this halloween then be sure to wear this scenic image and surprise everyone else at the party. If you are bored of the conventional then let your creativity flow and outdo the surrounding competition with quixotic weirdness.

Add face paint that matches the colour scheme to take the look to the next level and wear with simple, monotone colour clothing. The painting includes snowcapped evergreens, a flowing river and sky blending seamlessly into the sea. What more could an art lover want?


  • Beautiful to look at
  • Can be a funny and interesting costume in its own right and does not require an artist to stand next to you
  • Almost guaranteed that you will not meet a duplicate look at the party
  • Paint your face to blend in and you will be able to give anyone the jump-scare of a lifetime

3. Winter Nightscape Dress

Bob ross costume

This Bob Ross inspired painting on a racerback dress makes a funny but stylish Halloween costume gift. It features a snowy mountain landscape with purple tones on a tank dress. This little number lets you be both interesting and glamorous and is available on Etsy.

Keep Ross’ talent alive this Halloween. Whether you’re a meme enthusiast or simply have an eye for beauty and unconventional dressing, this is the perfect look for the next party. Maybe the wig and fake beard are not for you this season or maybe you just want to shine and stand out through the medium of landscape painting.


  • Slim fit
  • 100% Polyester with white thread color
  • Medium fabric (6.0 oz/yd² (170 g/m²))
  • Tag free
  • A unique and arty look that gives a subtle nod to the Bob theme

4. Bob Ross-Inspired Tee

Bob ross costume

Dressing up is not always about eccentricity. If you’re more comfortable not always making the biggest statements with your dress sense then why keep it cool and toned down with this T-shirt from Etsy. It features the same design as the above dress but can work well with just about anything. This design, although broody and dark, can be worn any day of the T-shirt weather season so you’re getting much more than a one-use Halloween costume.

Please note: This design is based on Bob’s work but not an actual printing of one of his painting.


  • Looks great if you’re not in a dress mood
  • For all genders
  • No itchy tag
  • Made with 100% polyester

5. Economy Brown Afro Bob Ross Wig

Bob ross costume

Fun wig available on Etsy for all ages and also ideal for cosplay outside of the Bob Ross-sphere.

Maybe you don’t need to buy a pre-packaged collection of the Bob starter pack and instead just need the hair to pull the look off. Your Ross-sheik just isn’t complete without these iconic curls. You already have the shirt, jeans, shoes and brush so what are you waiting for? Grab this essential item and draw the beard on for full comic value.

6. Bob Ross And Painting Costume Bundle Set

Bob ross costume

Be the dynamic duo and the talk of the party! Partner up and brave these stylish and comic personas. This multi-pack is available on Amazon through Birthday Express and makes for an outlandish Bob Ross Halloween costume that you’ll want to rock every day of the year.

The pack includes the Bob Ross wig, beard, palette and brush mentioned above but also a stylish canvas that you can wear with pride. Unlike the canvas head gear mentioned previously, this painting is less restricting and displays a sunnier scene on a pullover tunic dress which is available in sizes 4 to 10. Now artist and art can stand proudly together in glorious harmony.


  • 100% Polyester
  • For two people or an innovative soloist who wants to wear the whole lot!
  • Officially licensed

How To Make Your Own DIY Bob Ross Costume

The Joy of Painting first aired with Bob Ross in 1983 so why is he still emulated so often today for comic value? Let’s take a look at his iconic image first and then see why. While these Bob Ross costumes to buy are great you may well already own much of what you need to recreate one.

DIY Bob Ross Costume

  • Afro wig in a dark brown colour. If you are a perfectionist then seek out one with subtle hints of red but not a strong ginger colour. This is the most important part of the look. Do not go overboard with wig size unless you are looking to portray more of a cartoon-ish caricature.
  • Beard wig of the same colour as the hair or perhaps a fraction lighter.
  • Blue jeans. These may be well fitting but not ‘drain pipes’ or baggies. The bootcut style is acceptable and turnups are not necessary. Black jeans may also suffice.
  • A plain and neutral white long sleeved shirt. Light blue is also fine in regard to the shade of the trousers.
  • A black belt.
  • Smart black shoes.
  • A paint brush. Thicker ones add to the humour of the costume and make the outfit more visually exaggerated.
  • A pallet. Preferably with dried paint to show authenticity.
  • Glasses. They are not essential and often not included in the costume kits but Ross did in fact sport big, round and delicately framed glasses for a lot of his broadcasts.

Where can I find all this? boasts a range of wigs and is the go-to place for a beard wig or even eyebrow wigs if you wish to take the outfit that little bit further. Be sure to checkout Pinterest and see a wide range of those artistic people who have braved the full Bob look.

If this still isn’t enough to be the centre of attention at any party then some possible variations should be considered and these include:

zombie bob ross gang
  • The zombie Bob Ross. Follow the standard Bob Ross look but add tears to the shirt and jeans and dab red face paint into the rips. Apply red face paint to the mouth and, depending on your skill with make-up, add cuts and bruises.
  • The ‘Sexy Bob-ette’. This Bob Ross costume variation is inevitable if you know anything about people’s taste in costume during Halloween. Switch out the jeans for blue denim short shorts and tie the shirt together instead of buttoning it for the crop top look. This can even be combined with the zombie look for a triple attack.
  • The double act of painter and painting. This dress-up duo adds another element to Mr Ross and that is of course, his work. Variations on this theme are available from ‘Rasta Imposta’ on Amazon. Whether you choose to wear all black with the painting to highlight the landscape or nothing at all under the artwork is really up to you! This is the ideal look for any couple or iconic duo.
  • The Bob Gang. Simply grab your mates and all don this hairy uniform, a staple of meme culture that has grown far beyond the US. The result is a surreal cult-like mob of mellow Bobs, primed and ready to capture any landscape.
  • Bob the serviceman. Bob was, of course, in the Air Force so why not keep the hair and pallet but swap the civilian gear for the honourable garments of a decorated serviceman?

Bob Ross continues to inspire and excite us in 2019. His brand lives on in internet memes and videos from the Vine craze as he is perhaps a symbol of the calmness that we are all seeking, whether or not we know it.

Millennials may view the world around them as a turbulent and difficult place to navigate so when we understand Bob’s ethos and instructions, it is no surprise he is so revered today. Sometimes this is ironic praise and many TV chefs get the same tongue-in-cheek appreciation and cult status but there is a gentleness to Bob that sets him apart from the memes that are purely acts of ridicule.

Ross served in the US Airforce for over twenty years and took art classes while off duty. He was not interested in forming a style based on the abstract art around him and instead, he always attempted to capture landscapes in a literal way. He was influenced by a style called ‘alla prima’ (often called ‘wet on wet’) that disregards time consuming perfectionist behaviour.

A painting in this style can often be finished in thirty minutes as Bob knew better than anyone. His love of tranquility and natural America makes him comparable to the nineteenth century writer Henry David Threau. For a long while, there was great mystery surrounding the whereabouts of his paintings but they are gradually being tracked down and recovered and are receiving the praise and enjoyment they so rightfully deserve.

Channel Your Inner Bob

Mr Ross and his unmistakable image will make it a Halloween you never forget. Get arty and get creative this season. This could be with a group of fellow Bobs and Bob-ettes or by your good self. Either way, you’ll amaze any gathering!

So there you have it. Bob and his landscapes seem like the least likely Halloween costumes but they push the boundaries of the bizarre and the surreal and make for the perfect party personas. Bob’s legacy shines on through the happy little clouds and trees this autumn!